The Company

Who We Are

A very small bunch of people joined by the common passion for high quality sound reproduction, definitely fed up by the trend taken by the “high end” market, which proposes tremendously expensive products lacking a real meaning, and who have decided to put together their competences in order to bring something new to the market.
Our team is made of individuals with all the due technical knowledges and decades of experience in speaker design , assembling processes, quality control and all what’s needed to delivery a final product which is outstanding from every point of view, price included.

Where We Are

We are located in NorthWestern Italy, a region called Piedmont (Piemonte): literally it means “at the foot of the mountains”, because the Alps, the highest european mountains, surrounds us at north and west , while at our south we have the Appenini, another mountain chain which separetes us from Liguria and its sea. In the southern part of our region there is an area called “le langhe”, which means “hills top”, famous for wines, hazelnuts and truffles: it’s a territory protected by the Unesco for its history and peculiarity. Here you have, by gentle permission of the Rotary club, a beautiful video which shows you the magic of our lands.

They say about us...


Owner of  REMUSIC, internet hifi magazine  ( )

We invited him to discover  our products , and the result is this comment

Very interesting listening session yesterday at Barbara’s place, excellent loudspeakers, independently by price and brand nobility. Coherence, power holding, transparency, nuances, tightness…just name a typical characteristic of aan outstanding loudspeaker, and here you have it. Compliments, Barbara, don’t give way and keep on like this!”


 Musician and composer (

I’am musician since, ever,  inside and outside, music is the breath of the mind anf there’s always a melody running in me, sometimes a famous one, others something never listened before….every now and then, I stop myself to write down a particularly interesting one. With the V&A speakers you hear what the artist thought, each shade and dynamics, the separation of the single parts and the ambient assigned when constructing and mixing the tune. Acoustic guitars, in particular, have a “living effect” extremely natural, and playing over the speaker from the sofa becomes a sort of jam…good. While young I spent hours and hours with cassette recorders to separate, by listening, the various parts of a tune to study them….If only I have had  then, speakers like these! Well, now them are in my living room, thanks, folks!


Hi fi repairer, musician

I have discovered the V&A products casually, when one of the owners sent me an amplifier to be repaired. Talking over the phone  come out a common vision about the actual HiFi market, just appearance and no more substance, so I became curios deciding to go to listen their stuff. To say that I have been thrilled it’s probably an understatement, because not only I wanted them for myself, but I have also insisted to become a reseller for my area , so much I have been impressed by the performance and captivating prices: I’m proud to say that I’m working with a serious  and practical reality, all substantialness with no smoke at all


Municipal employee 
Music has always been a life companion, for me, but i didn’t realize how much important it is to listen it properly until when I heard a Guregn pair. I have literally rediscovered details previously unknown in the tunes I listened for years with my system that, even if not extremely expensive, I have always considered decent, and the difference has been dramatic. A great “thanks” to the V&A people, who allowed me, well on the wrong side of 40’s, to fall in love with music once again.


Writer, journalist

IThe speakers built by hand one by one at V&A are the expression of a great attention for music and a rare taste for the design. I have had the opportunity to check it by myself and with other people of my circle who bought them. We do all agree that the V&A stuff does have something more than the usual commercial loudspeakers. If we consider to locate them in a typical condominium apartment, whre it’s not possible to play music too loud, even at moderate levels they have a naturalness which makes them unique. There is no comparison with other speakers that – most of the times – generates more disturb than pleasure. I’m glad to enjoy their magic, wrapping sound, even at low volumes in the middle of the night ( my neighbours would not accept wall rattling volumes), without giving up a compelling listening.



Insurances and financial consulting

For my 5.1 system i wanted the best: I had fallen in love with the Artaban’s mid and highs, but I didn’t have enough room for them in my listening room, so the folks at V&A have built right for me an hybrid solution using  the Lember enclosure and low end, but with the Artaban’s mid and high drivers… Amazing, I never found before such a willingness neither the possibility to get a speaker specifically built on my needs, so as finished as I wanted! I completed all with a Gheddo as center channel and two Drolo for the effects, and I can finally  enjoy movies and music like God commands!