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Welcome to our website. We wish you can find it interesting and to become friends. Here you have the result of three years of a serious work of study, prototyping, measurements and listening sessions: twelve loudspeaker models to cover almost every possible domestic need, and each of them can be ordered in any of the over 900 different finishes available. Choose the speaker model which is right for you, then the only limit to its look is your fantasy. A beautiful walnut root? Cherry veneer? A high tech appearance with carbon fiber and steel? Rare Italian marble? A beautiful leather? Almost everything is possible, and the price will always be the same. Basically, the first “tailored” speaker, specifically built for you.
Our goal was to make the best sounding speakers, with the most attractive look, at  the most affordable price.
Clear and defined targets, pursued with determination.
We believe to have accomplished it: bringing to the market a different loudspeaker concept, which allows high quality listening experience without costing an arm and a leg, always being the best possible choice in its price range, with a personalized appearance and an attractive look, and, last but not least, completely handmade in Italy... Now it’s up to you, take a look around and do not hesitate to contact us should you have doubts or questions, it will be a pleasure to meet and to give all the answers you need! 

· Different by vocation
· Different by approaches
· Different by choices
· For DIFFERENT results
Look & See (as we do! )